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Parrot managed

Le 22 November 2017, 05:55 dans Humeurs 0

Parrot’s Henri Seydoux comes to Disrupt to talk about commercial drones

When I last interviewed Seydoux, he looked back at the origin story of the first drones. He realized that he could re-use the same sensors and processors that you can find in a smartphone.

But instead of building phones, you could take advantage of the accelerometers, gyroscopes, wireless chips and energy-efficient processors to power tiny quadcopters. Since then, drones have become a big industry. It’s hard to find a reality TV show without drone shots now.

Things worked well for a while.  to sell a ton of consumer drones and it quickly became a great gift for the holiday season. But increased competition and shrinking margins led to some difficult decisions.

It hasn’t always been a smooth ride for Parrot. In January, the company laid off 35 percent of its drone team to focus on commercial drones. The company has made a few acquisitions to become a key player in this space. SenseFly, Airinov, MicaSense and Pix4D are now all owned by Parrot.

And now, Parrot sells integrated software and hardware solutions for very special use cases. Just two weeks ago, Parrot released drones for firefighters and farmers. You can also imagine using drones for 3D modeling, inspection, deliveries and more.

Those products can be expensive as Parrot controls the software platform. But it still feels like tech companies are scratching the surface when it comes to commercial drones. So let’s see if Parrot can crack the code of the commercial drone space.

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Our happiness will be there

Le 13 October 2015, 09:28 dans Humeurs 0

What is happiness? Different people have different ideas. Some people are rich; they think they are happy. Other people have many friends, so they feel happy. Still others are happy because their lives are meaningful1. Happiness attracts  everyone. For children, happiness often suggests eating something good or playing with toys. For a stamp collector, stamps bring more delight2 than meals. And for a scientist, a discovery or an invention rather than anything else gives him greatest satisfaction.

There was once a beggar3 who was always happy. The king saw him and wondered why he was so happy because he was so poor. However, the king could have whatever he wanted; yet he himself was not happy at all. Thus we can see one's happiness doesn't depend on whether he is rich or poor. Happiness is a state of mind. As long as one thinks he's content and satisfied4, he is happy.

As everything exist only because its opposite, happiness exists only when pain exists. Just as a person who does not know failure never knows success, a person, who has not experienced5 suffering or sadness never knows what happiness means6..

Happiness always promises a hope by which people go on living. When they come to the point of losing hope because they have suffered a great deal, it is often the time when happiness comes that will give them the courage and desire to live.